2012-15 Camaro ZL1 Big Gulp® series air intake systems are shipping now!

2012-15 Camaro ZL1 Big Gulp® series air intake system w/oil filter

Roto-fab is excited to offer our newest addition to the Big Gulp® Series of cold air intake systems! With duct work nearly 20% larger in diameter than our standard 2012-15 ZL1 CAI, the Big Gulp® CAI was designed to meet the air demands of the fastest Camaros in the world. Don’t leave horsepower on the table - get the most out of your modifications with these key air intake design features:

  • Innovative air box coupling method allows for solid mounting to the air box as the system transitions from our 6” air filter clamping surface. This coupling design also effectively seals out unwanted engine heat!
  • Air box seals effectively to the hood which allows for maximum air filter size and air box volume! It also utilizes the full factory air inlet to ensure low IATs and maximize performance.
  • Standard hardware for this system includes a 5” to 4 ¼“ hose coupler for 102-103 mm throttle bodies. 4” adapter PN 10132004 is sold separately for use with the OEM throttle body.(larger throttle body recommended) We use 100% silicone hose couplers to ensure lasting product quality.
  • 5” OD MAF housing and inlet elbow to maximize performance and airflow cross-section. We’ve molded a larger bung in the inlet elbow and we include ½” and 5/8” breather fittings to accommodate stock or upgraded PCV systems.  
  • Our Polymer duct work is extremely effective in reducing heat transfer.

The Big Gulp Series air intake system uses larger duct work which requires professional tuning specific to the intake and vehicle modifications. As this is a specialty system designed for extreme builds, Roto-fab makes no specific performance claims or compatibility with specific modifications. This product has not been CARB tested.