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Why choose Roto-Fab?  Roto-Fab products begin as a hand-made prototype.  The first articles are tested thoroughly then modified to achieve the best performance and fit possible.  We relentlessly pursue perfection before moving to the next step.  We do what it takes to achieve the results we are satisfies with, even if it means scrapping the entire working prototype and starting over.  When all refinements are complete, the product is reverse engineered for production.  All metal fabrication and plastic molding is done in-house, therefore, we have the unique flexibility of designing our products using the materials we feel are best for the particular application.

Do Roto-Fab air intake systems require tuning to my car? Generally no.  Our intake systems are designed to perform well with the stock calibration of your vehicle.  No tuning is required, however, tuning will maximize the benefits of your air intake system. The HP increases advertised on our site are actual increases without tuning. There are some exceptions. First, if you have installed an aftermarket supercharger, you will need a  custom tune-even if you have purchased a Roto-fab intake designed specifically for your supercharger application. The extra air flow (as compared to the stock intake system) can cause a lean condition which could result in damage to your engine. Similarly, if you have introduced other power additives such as headers, cam, head work, etc. we recommend tuning for the new components.

I have an aftermarket supercharger installed on my car, if I purchase a Roto-Fab intake specifically for my application, is tuning required?  Yes, if any changes are made to the air intake tract on your aftermarket supercharged vehicle, the vehicle should be re-tuned immediately.  In most cases the Roto-Fab intake will flow a higher volume of air which could cause a lean condition.

Does a Roto-fab intake change the sound of my car?  What you will hear is a louder, more powerful sound under aggressive acceleration.  During normal cruising conditions the sound is very comparable to to stock.  As compared to stock the sound difference has a direct relationship with accelerator pedal.  If your vehicle is equipped with a supercharger, the sound is much more recognizable under acceleration.  We constantly receive positive comments on the sound difference with our intake system.

Do I need to modify my vehicle to install Roto-Fab products? Our products are designed to be 'bolt-in" components which use factory mounting points on your vehicle.  You do not need to cut, drill, or modify your car.  We do recommend saving your stock components.

Will a Roto-Fab air intake systems set a CEL (check engine light)?  No.  Currently all Roto-Fab intake systems, except our "tune required" Big Gulp Series cold air intakes, are designed to function properly with your vehicle's stock calibration and should not activate the check engine light.  If you have a check engine light, it should be investigated immediately.

When do I need to clean my filter?  We recommend you check the filter at least every 3rd oil change.  If you can still see the definition of the mesh or screen on the filter then it is still good and does not need to be cleaned.  When it gets to the point where you cannot see the aluminum mesh on the filter anymore, then it is time to clean the filter.  You should clean the filter around the 25-30k mile mark under normal conditions.  In extreme dusty or dirty environments, you should check more frequently.  Over cleaning the filter will shorten the life of the filter and reduce its filtration efficiency.  Accumulating some dirt actually help the filtration.  When servicing your air filter, never use heat to dry the media as shrinkage can occur which will pull the media away from the rubber ends.

Will Roto-Fab components affect my factory vehicle warranty?  We recommend contacting your particular dealer to clarify warranty policies. Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void a warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 USC.2302(c)).  

Are Roto-Fab intake systems CARB approved?  At this time we do not CARB test our intake systems.  Please check your local and/or state law before ordering or installing a Roto-Fab air intake system on your vehicle. Our intake systems and/or any air intake related components are not for sale, use or distribution in California.

Is there a warranty of Roto-Fab products? Yes, Roto-Fab products carry a 1 year warranty against defects. Remedy is limited to replacement of the defective Roto-fab component(s). Original invoice must be provided.